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Rob Hensle's                                                     2017-2018


3rd Grade Class

I would like to welcome you to my web-page.  As the year progresses, I will keep you updated on any changes and necessary information.  My e-mail address and phone number are as follows:

[email protected]

732-291-2020  x1116

Welcome to a new and exciting year. I look forward to working with your children in the classroom. Please feel free to contact me at anytime with any question that my arise.

 If there is any change in how your student in being picked up, please write me a note to let me know.

May 2018


Practice those multiplication facts.





This Month in Math we are working on place value, addition, and subtraction . Practice those facts.




In Reading we are starting Unit 1.  Please remember to review all of the vocabulary words from Unit 1. We will also read a novel this month, so keep asking for updates from your children.


In Language Arts/Grammar we are working on types of sentences. We have just started our Writer's Workshop. Please ask you student what they are writing about. I'm looking forward to see all of their Notebook designs. We have started our 1st Writer's Workshop.


We are learning about different life cycles in Science. Please ask you children what they are learning about in class. Also, ask about all of the exciting science "stuff" New Jersey has to offer.





Please keep checking your children's homework notebook for any important updates or concerns.



 Spelling Test every Friday.

When Spelling starts. We have not started Spelling yet.










Letter notebooks will come home every Friday. I hope that someone gets a chance to write in them over the weekend and return them by Tuesday of the following week.




All grammar skills will be used to continually improve writing skills.

 Practice those multiplication facts!


Spelling test every Friday. Words are in the spelling book. The words for the week are given every Monday. Please make sure to study with your child.

Please sign and return all papers.

Library is every Friday.
Library books will be due every Friday morning.


Special's Schedule:

Mon.- Gym and Library

Tues.- Gym

Wed.- Spanish/Music

Thurs.- Music/Art

Fri.- Art/Technology

********************************* This is a fun website that benefits St. Jude Research Hospital

This is our Reading website.

First, click on all the books you see. Then, click on where it says web-site. Find the third grade book and browse on your own depending what selection we are on.


This is our simple machine website:


 Our Math and Science text can also be found online.

Your child should have their own sign on and password. If not please let me know.

This is the online text book access code: 88F1CC91E394D7C2C8D8


This is a really cool solar system website. Students can use it to find out about each planet.


This is a really cool Website that can be used for a number of different subjects. In class we have been using the website to learn multiplication raps.
email/username: [email protected]

Password: Mollyandlily1982


Anti-bullying website:    



  *Please practice the multiplication facts with your children. Ask your children to tell you our fun ways of remembering our multiplication facts.

 *Parents please make sure to check homework books and folders every night. I will check them every morning for notes or letters to me.