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Updated 4/25/2023

Mrs. Coyle's
First Grade

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(22 students)


4/6 1:00 Dismissal

Spring Vacation

4/17 Welcome Back!

4/25  Math Mid-Unit Test

7:00 pm Board of Ed Meeting

4/28 "Feel Good Friday"
Career Day

Homework is assigned nightly (Mon.-Thurs.) in First Grade! 
Homework is the same every night for the most part...
  some fun projects will be sprinkled in throughout the year!
Some Helpful Reminders: 
Special Schedule 2022-2023
    Monday: Spanish & Gym
    Tuesday: Enrichment and Innovation
    Wednesday: Music & Gym
    Thursday: Art
    Friday: Art & Music

*Media Center every other Friday!
-Empty your child's folder nightly. 

-Plastic water bottles are allowed. 
-Please make sure you child wears sneakers on Gym days (Mon & Wed). 

Image result for scholastic book club\
Order Scholastic books by clicking the link below
and use our Class Code HTCCJ: 


- We are wrapping up Unit 11 on v-e long vowel syllable types.  Next up, in Unit 12, we will be learning about multisyllabic words and how to break them apart.  We will also identify the type of syllables they have (closed or vowel-consonant-e).

We are reviewing tapping to read and spell as well as practicing word and sentence dictation on our white boards and in our Student Notebook.

-Students are participating in daily center activities to reinforce concepts previously taught as well as engage them at their individualized reading abilities. 
Our Centers include:
-Read to Self (Book Shopping for Book Baggies)
-Listen to Reading (Choice Books on EPIC)
-iReady Reading
-Work on Writing (Monthly themed journals)
-Word Work (Stamp weekly tricky (heart) words, practice writing and building words with personal sight word lists)

(* is a great beginning reader site*   

Take a look at the Learn To Read link.)

Language Arts/Writing

Units: Launching, Nonfiction: All About Books, Poetry, and Personal Narrative, How To

We have completed our All About books and they are on display in our hallway.  They came out AMAZING!  I can't wait for you all to see them at home.  We are currently working on Opinion Writing.

Next up:   How-To

 Social Studies
-Spring, Cardinal Directions, Map Skills

-We are working on base ten.  We are making numbers in different ways using tens and ones.  This lays the foundation for building on to 2 digit addition and subtraction.  

Next Up: Telling Time 

-We are learning how various strategies can lead us to the same answer, and we are practicing how to talk about those strategies with each other.  

-Keep practicing basic addition and subtraction.
-Some strategies we have learned to help us add and subtract:
chips, ten-frame, draw a picture, number line, make a 10, doubles, near doubles

*Please continue to practice basic math facts at home!

**Encourage your children to use various strategies to help them solve problems (number bonds, ten frames, draw it out, number line, etc...)**                    


We are stepping away from a traditional weekly spelling list and test again this year.  Instead, spelling will be embedded in our phonics program (FUNdations) and Writer's Workshop.  Spelling will be assessed formally during FUNdations unit tests, and informally through daily application in authentic writing.
Please call or e-mail me with any 
questions or concerns 

(732) 291-2020 
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