Susan Kvarantan

Welcome to 3K

 Mrs. Susan Kvarantan

I can be reached at: 

(732)  291-2020 ext. 1118


I teach math and social studies to each third grade class.

Mrs. DePinto teaches language arts and science to each third grade class. 

Student Council is collecting donations for the Blessing Bag Brigade throughout the month of only:  
toothpaste       deodorant      shampoo
conditioner      lotion      disposable razors
body wash/soap       small water bottles
gallon sized Ziploc bags

1:00 Dismissal on December 11 and 12 --- Parent-Teacher Conferences
Dec. 11  Afternoon Conferences 
Dec. 12  Evening Conferences

Math Test on Thursday, Dec. 19
Please refer to announcement sent home on Monday, December 9. 

1:00 Dismissal on Monday, December 23
School Resumes on Thursday, January 2

Happy Holidays and Happy 2020! 

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Here's an interesting article about the academic reasons to play board games with your children.

Please remember to send in your
"Boxtops for Education"


Third graders are dismissed from the door on First Avenue closest to our classrooms and Lincoln Avenue. 
If you would like your child to leave from a different door, please send a note to school indicating from which door he/she should be dismissed.
Please remember that school policy requires you to send a written note to school on each day that your child is being dismissed to "another parent, guardian, or civic group."  
Only water bottles with a "sip" top are allowed in the classroom. 
Here is a general overview of the topics currently being covered:


      Math --   We are working on multiplication.  Please review this (and concepts already covered) at home.

Some websites with fun math games:

Follow this link to an interesting editorial written by an engineer about math instruction:






Social Studies -- Unit 2  "Communities Change"

Vocabulary words are defined for each lesson.  They are in your child's social studies folder.  We will have a test on these words and the map/globe skills involved when we finish each unit.   


Map and Graph Skills:  We are learning about time lines, bar graphs, and hemispheres.





Schedule of Special Classes:

           Monday   --   Spanish & Art  

       Tuesday  --  Music  

       Wednesday   --  Technology & Gym

      Thursday --   Library & Gym

   Friday  -- Music & Art