Marlene Anson

            Welcome to Speech
              with Mrs. Anson


    SPEECH IS FUN !!!!!



Distance Learning Opportunities for Speech and Language:

**** Author a Book:  Illustrate and write about (or dictate to an adult) (with great sounds) your experiences while you were home from school.  This book can be what really happened each day or you could make up what you wish could have happened each day. 

**** I Spy:  Take turns describing and guessing items (with great sounds).  This can be done anywhere (in the car, at the kitchen table, in the backyard, walking on a trail).

**** Hide an object in a box/bag. 
        -Give 3 relevant clues to help someone guess what it is.
        -Try to always begin with the category (it's a kind of a ____).

**** Read a book or a chapter of a book (with great sounds).
        -Prior to the end, predict what may happen next and why you think it may happen
        -Respond to comprehension questions regarding 'what' happened, 'who' did something, 'where' did it happen, 'how' did it happen, 'why' did it occur

**** Create a town, animal land area, or new planet with legos or blocks.
         1) describe what structures are there and the purpose of each structure
         2) describe what activities you could do there
         3) what food sources are available there
         4) what activities can you do there for fun
                    (Use those awesome sounds) 

**** Play balloon or sponge ball volleyball.  Get your words ready before each volley.
         Each time you hit the balloon/ball, say:
         1) a word with your sound
         2) word listed in a specific category (e.g.: animals, toys, foods)
         3) an action word
         4) an adjective to describe a specific item

**** Play a board game.  Just like in Speech, say a silly sentence, a real sentence, or create a riddle before each turn. (Use those awesome sounds)

**** TV Time: 
         1) Watch a movie or show and retell your favorite part (using great sounds).
         2) Pause it periodically and predict what you think might happen and why you think it may happen (using great sounds).

**** Meal Time:  Plan a meal or snack.  Sequence the steps in making it. Be sure to brag about and use your awesome sounds while everyone is eating your gourmet meal.

**** Videotape yourself.  Maybe even pretend to be a newscaster.  Watch and listen to see if you used your very best sounds.

                    CUES FOR SPECIAL SOUNDS:

                    /R/ - Tongue up and bunch it up in the back

                    /S/ - Top teeth over bottom; Tongue in and down;  Let the air out

                    /L/ - Tongue tip up on the Magic Spot behind your top front teeth

                    /K/ - open mouth (parent point to your throat)

                    /F/ - Bite your bottom lip

***************************************** Have fun practicing !!!!  *****************************************

We are always emphasizing social skills like turn taking, maintaining a topic, and being great listeners
We are always working on answering and formulating questions, developing memory skills, and learning new words. 

Of course Great Sound Production is Always
Our Goal  !!!




I request that an adult sign the homework to ensure that the sounds or concepts were practiced aloud with great sound production.

It's always fine if YOU write the answers for homework assignments as long as your child is telling you what to write with their great sounds.





                                             Gold Trophy.png 

You can help your children with their sounds by reminding them at home.  Practicing 5 to 10 minutes each day will make a HUGE difference.  Different places to practice may be:

                                  talking in the car

                                  talking at the dinner table

                                  talking in the store

                                  talking during commercials

                                  talking while playing a game


Remember that every time your child talks, it's a golden opportunity to practice their special sound. 


Bookworm.pngPlease feel free to write in your child's speech book.
  It's a great way for you to tell me what you might like me to emphasize in speech and to let me know how your child is communicating at home.




Story Book.png Reading aloud is the easiest way to practice a special sound because you can see the letters that are making your sound 
Reading is also a wonderful way to develop language skills:  
***Asking questions helps develop COMPREHENSION skills.  
***PREDICTING what comes next is a fun reasoning skill.
***RECALLING THE SEQUENCE develops memory skills.
***Be creative and CHANGE THE ENDING :) 



               Students should bring:
                  their speech book,
                  a positive attitude,
                  and a SMILE 

  If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the speech program, please contact me at:             
                                      732 291-2020, ext. 1005

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