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First Grade
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2/28 Mrs. Coyle's Last Day
3/1 Family Reading Night
3/2 Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss
Jump Rope for Heart <3
3/20 Report Cards on Parent Portal
3/21 Afternoon Conferences (1-3)
3/22 Evening Conferences (6-9)
Book Fair
3/29 1:00 Dismissal
Math Olympics
3/30 No School
Happy Spring Break!
4/9 School Re-Opens

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Homework is assigned nightly (Mon.-Thurs.) in First Grade! 
Every night your child will bring home a homework pad with his or her assignment for the night.  Please read and sign the bottom of the page each night.
Homework is the same every night for the most part...
  some fun projects will be sprinkled in throughout the year!
Some Helpful Reminders: 
Special Schedule 2017-2018
    Monday:  GYM & GARDEN
    Tuesday:  MUSIC & ART
    Wednesday: GYM, SPANISH, LIBRARY
    Thursday: COMPUTERS
    Friday:  ART & MUSIC
-Please sign your child's homework book nightly. (this is part of their homework) Also feel free to use it as a communication tool (I check it every morning for notes).  
-Empty your child's folder nightly. 

-Plastic water bottles are allowed. 
-Please make sure you child wears sneakers on Gym days (Mon. & Wed. ). 
-Library is on Wednesday at 2:16 

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Order Scholastic books by clicking the link below
and use our Class Code HTCCJ: 


Unit 10 is all about tapping closed syllable words with 5 sounds.  ex: "blimp" "strap".  Students will also be introduced to spelling common suffixes -ed and -ing.

*A closed syllable has 1 syllable, 1 vowel, and is closed in by a consonant or consonant blend.*


Comprehension Strategies we discuss in class:

Retelling, Sequencing, Main idea and Details

Author's Purpose, PLOT, Predicting


*Our trick words for this unit are glued in your child's "Trick Word Book".  Please keep this book in your child's folder.


Fundations Unit 10:
Week 1: any, many
Week 2: how, now, down
Week 3: out, about, our


(* is a great beginning reader site*   

Take a look at the Learn To Read link.)

Language Arts/Writing

*We will be learning all about adjectives and adjectives that compare!

Next Up: Synonyms and Antonyms

*In Writer's Workshop we are publishing our All About Books.  We are taking our time and are proud of our research and work so far!


  Social Studies with Mrs. Merker

Spring, Women's History Month, Black History Month

Topic 9 will be all about counting on the hundreds chart.  We will find 10 more, 10 less, 1 more, and 1 less than a given number.

Next Up: Adding with tens and ones

*Please continue to practice basic math facts at home!

**Encourage your children to avoid using their fingers.  They can use objects, draw pictures, use a number-line, or count on/back to find the sum or difference.                      

(Mrs. Shea also has lots of fun links on her webpage...check out sheppardsoftware!) 

We are learning all about bio-mimicry.  We are discussing how humans use animal attributes to help inspire tools to help solve problems.  
Next up: Light and Sound

We are stepping away from a traditional weekly spelling list and test this year.  Instead, spelling will be imbedded in our phonics program (FUNdations) and our Writer's Workshop.  Spelling will be assessed informally through daily application in authentic writing.

 Our Schedule this year is below: 2017-2018
                           Mon            Tues           Wed            Thurs                 Fri
8:15-8:24  Homeroom  Homeroom  Homeroom  Homeroom  Homeroom
8:24-9:08  Fundations  Fundations  Fundations  Fundations  Fundations
9:08-9:52     Reading Reading  Reading  Reading  Reading
9:52-10:36 Writing Grammar Writing




11:20-12:04 Garden
   Music    Gym










12:48-1:32  Science/SS   Science/SS  Science/SS  Science/SS   Science/SS
1:32-2:16  GYM






Fun Friday


Please call or e-mail me with any 
questions or concerns 

(732) 291-2020