Title I Basic Skills

The Federal government provides limited funds for instructional services to those students who have been identified as in need of preventative or remedial services in the basic skills areas.

Our school has established a Basic Skills Program to service these children on an individual or small group basis. This program is supported by local funds as well. All students are screened in September to determine placement in a Basic Skills Improvement Program. Any students who falls below the established state/local minimum levels of proficiency in Reading, Language and/or Math, as measured by a standardized test, is eligible for help. In addition, teachers make referrals to the program coordinator.

Participants are post-tested in the spring to determine progress. Parents receive notification letters in September if their children are placed in the program. Withdrawal from the program involves approval from the Superintendent. There are several components to our Basic Skills Program.

Our Federally funded program (Title I) provides in-class or pullout. The full time BSIP teacher works closely with the classroom teacher to provide continuity of instruction while remediating student deficiencies and maintaining proficiency.

The BSIP teacher develops an ISIP (individual student improvement plan) for each student. The plan defines the specific area that needs remediation. Students in the program will meet one to five times per week for periods of thirty to forty minutes depending upon grade level and need for remediation. Classes will be conducted either in their classroom or the basic skills room.

Conferences are held by the Basic Skills Instructional Staff twice a year at regularly scheduled conference times or as needed. Parent meetings will also be held at various times during the school year. Questions regarding the program should be addressed to the Basic Skills Teacher and/or the Superintendent/Principal.

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