4th grade

 Bienvenidos clase del 4o grado 2019
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Students are expected to arrive to class every day on time, ready to participate and learn. Classroom participation is an essential component in Spanish class and is included in classwork grades.
    4th grade Filoso meets on Mondays.
    4th grade Franzreb meets on Fridays.

Grading policy 4 th -6 th :

  • Projects                                     30%
  • Test                                           25%
  • Quizzes                                     15%
  • Oral participation/class work     20%
  • Homework                                 10%

    unit 1         
   Current Lesson  topics 

       - Greetings
       - Los numeros 0-50

Distance Learning Plan for 3.19.20

Assignment Name:

La Familia





Expected Duration:

30 min

Delivery Method:

Google classroom

Collection Method:

Google classroom


Name the members of a family in Spanish

Task Instructions:

This is what will be sent out to parents/ students

Be sure to include directions for any additional aspects that parents may need to know to assist their child including materials needed and any deadlines you have for completion

Special Education teachers will need to modify, please consult with teachers during your planning sessions to ensure that modifications are added to each plan to meet IEP needs

-Sign up into google classroom and join the class by using the following class code:  yitxfsc

-watch the video link in google classroom; here is the video link: Spanish Video

-Get up and dance to the great song El Monstruo de la Laguna to review parts of the body 

-Draw your own monstruo de la laguna attached is the list of parts of the body..